Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Curry Dish

sweet curry dish
3 sweet potatoes peeled and cut up in chunks
1-2 new potatoes peeled and cut up in chunks
About a Cup of chopped carrots
1 large box of chicken broth
1 med yellow onion chopped
1 can Lite coconut milk
heavy cream if needed to thicken a little
sweet curry
Salt & Pepper
Chili sauce
Cooked Jasmin Rice to serve over and I baked Chicken in the over to add to top.
Sautee onion with some cummin and curry, then add carrots, and potatoes. Add broth cook down all ingredents and Salt, pepper and more cummin and curry to taste. I add more water and chicken bullion if I need more chicken broth. add coconut milk and cook about 5-8 mins longer and add heavy cream if you need to thicken it more. When done. Serve over rice, place sliced up chicken strips on top with some cilantro and chili sauce if you would like. 
Hope this is easy enough for you to follow. 

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