Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Won ton Lasagna & Pizza Cups

Won ton Lasagna & Pizza cups... Won ton baked 7 mins @350-then cook Italian ground sausage, added pasta sauce, basil, garlic & Greek yogurt...then added some cheese & mixed together put in cooked cups & topped with more cheese & baked 7 mins. Then broil an additional 2 mins to brown cheese.

Bake won tons 7 mins @350. Pizza cups mix pepperoni (cut in small pieces), cheese, pasta sauce, Greek yogurt, basil & garlic or garlic powder. Fill cups & Top with cheese. You can use any cheese. I had jack, sharp cheddar, I mixed them all.

***i did brown the tops under the broiler for 2 mins after the 7 mins to brown the cheese.

We sliced red bell peppers & cucumbers to eat as a side.

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